About Us

I am filled with great enthusiasm to present and share my work with you. I am Jayendra Diwan, Director of Bonster Ortho, Bonenkar Implants & Mobilimb Prosthesis.

I have developed many innovative products. Like Gentamicin Eluting Orthopedic Implants. The drug-eluting implant is a proactive solution to overcome the risk of infection. It leads to a very high local drug level without achieving systemic drug concentration, and its fully biocompatible, Osteoconductive, and biodegradable coating eliminates the need for secondary surgery to remove a carrier.

We have been manufacturing Basal Dental Implants in Bonenkar Implants Pvt. Ltd.

Our Basal Dental Implants and Compressive Dental Implants are Patented & doing well in dentistry.

We have been manufacturing Below knee and above-knee mechanical prosthetic legs for the amputee who lost their biological leg.

We have also developed and patented a Titanium Middle Ear prosthesis in 2007. At that time we were the first in entire Asia.


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