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I am so glad you decided to land on this page, We are R&D people, having secured patents in various critical areas including Orthopedic Implants, Basal Dental Implants, Middle Ear Prosthesis, and Antibiotic Eluting Orthopedic Implants.

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Your dedication to excellence in orthopedic surgery sets a remarkable standard, leaving a lasting impact on the lives of your patients. We are collectively working towards a common goal with the collaborative efforts of our dedicated team of Mechanical Engineers, Orthopedic Surgeons, Biologists, Clinical trial associates, and Regulatory managers.

Our Research Focus

Your commitment to staying at the forefront of advancements in orthopedic Surgery is commendable, making you a trusted leader in our field. And we are committed to you. Right now we are doing extensive research in orthopedics. Like Vancomycin & Tobramycin Eluting Orthopedic Implants, Controlled Micromotion Plates, Anatomical Plates, and some innovative orthopedic screws.

Manufacturing Capabilities

Your surgical skills and expertise shine bright, making you a true master of orthopedic healing. We manufacture all implants on Sliding head CNC machines. Dimensional calibration of every cutting tool is done on a daily basis, if not proper we change the cutting tool. Apart from that machine software calibration & moving part calibration is done on a monthly basis. The purpose is to provide you with dimensionally accurate Implants.

We have 3 class 10000 Clean rooms & 1 class 100 area, each clean room has a separate air handling unit with 2 pre-filters of 5 microns and 0.3 microns HEPA filters. Clean room validation is done quarterly and includes a HEPA filter Integrity test, Air velocity test, differential pressure test, particle count and environment monitoring test by microbiological method. We follow GMP standards. The aim is to provide bioburden & foreign particle-free sterile products.

Ultra-clean spaces

Innovative Orthopedic Solutions for a Better Life

Quality Check

No human interface or error in QC and it is done by a computerized Coordinate Measuring machine. It is to measure the profile, geometry & dimensional of the final product.

Assured Quality

We follow ASTM & ISO testing standards for batch release. There are in total 22 types of mechanical, biological & chemical tests.

By doing this we can assure the quality of the product and if any medico-legal condition will be arise then we can protect ourselves & dental surgeon by documented evidence.


We follow 100 sops, 74 documented checkpoints and 22 tests to manufacture a single batch.

1. SOP indicates how to perform some tasks correctly. So humans can perform a task correctly without any confusion or human error. We follow more than 100 sops.

2. As per Good manufacturing practice guidelines, there are 74 files in which we record our all activities, which is required for Traceability.

Clinical Follow - Ups

Clinical follow-up is required to prove the safety and efficiency of the product. We have adopted best-skilled practices in the industry and consistently improve ourselves. If you are looking for the best clinical results then our product is definitely for you.

Redefining Orthopedic Industry

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